Parallaxes Capital Joins the Ceres Investor Network

NEW YORK CITY, Aug. 2, 2023 /  PRNewswire / – Parallaxes Capital (“PC”), a leading alternative asset manager focused on Tax Receivable Agreements (“TRAs”), announced today that it has joined the Ceres Investor Network (“Ceres”). By joining, PC has become a part of a network of more than 220 institutional investors managing more than $60 trillion in assets that are committed to advancing sustainable investment practices, engaging with corporate leaders, and advocating for key policy and regulatory solutions to accelerate the transition to a just, sustainable, net zero emissions economy.

“Parallaxes Capital is committed to integrating ESG principles into our investment strategy,” said Andy Lee, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Parallaxes Capital. “We believe TRAs can be leveraged to promote ESG goals by incentivizing transparent tax policies, minimizing fraud, promoting stakeholder engagement, and strengthening process controls.”

Ceres’ focus on engaging companies and investors to drive the adoption of sustainability practices directly complements PC’s objective of integrating ESG principles into its investment strategy.

PC also recently published a new report discussing how TRAs can be leveraged as a strategic tool to foster sustainable practices in ESG frameworks. The paper, “ESG and Tax Receivable Agreements: Driving the Social and Governance Aspects of ESG” discusses how TRAs can promote the social and governance goals of ESG initiatives.

About Parallaxes Capital

Parallaxes Capital (“PC”) is the premier investment firm focused exclusively on monetizing Tax Receivable Agreements (“TRAs”). Parallaxes offers private equity sponsors, co-investors and management team members solutions to achieve liquidity, diversification and optionality from their TRAs. Parallaxes was founded in 2017 and is comprised of experienced investment professionals from leading private equity and growth equity firms.
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