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Parallaxes Capital is an alternative asset manager and is a market leader in monetizing tax receivable agreements

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Parallaxes provides liquidity to tax receivable agreement ("TRA") stakeholders by monetizing otherwise long-dated assets. Looking forward, we anticipate that TRAs will continue to become more common in the coming years and our goal is to be a leading authority in this domain.

We have worked hard to develop and refine our approach to alternative asset management and believe our team of professionals is distinguished in their breadth and depth of expertise in tax receiveable agreements.


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Demystifying Tax Receivable Agreements

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Parallaxes Capital is at the forefront of the Tax Receivable Agreement market. This whitepaper is intended to help promote standardization of terms and increase transparency in the ecosystem.

Tax Receivable Agreements have existed for thirty years. However, TRAs are often misunderstood and rarely drafted with a secondary purchaser in mind. Our updated whitepaper covers a few issues that Parallaxes Capital has found particularly pertinent from our perspective as secondary purchasers.

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Parallaxes Featured in the Wall Street Journal

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Feedback from our counterparties

Rishi Bajaj President & Chief Investment Officer, Altai Capital, E2open Parent Holdings Inc.
Parallaxes should be the go-to partner for anyone seeking to monetize their TRAs. They are a patient, trustworthy and knowledgeable counterparty and we couldn’t have asked for a smoother transaction. They are also extremely responsive – we look forward to working with them again in... Read More
Tigran Sinanyan Former Chief Financial Officer, MediaAlpha
My experience with Parallaxes was fantastic. I found Andrew to be transparent and upfront at each step of the transaction. They made sure I understood how they approached valuation, what was needed for a speedy close, and they delivered documentation that was fair and clearly... Read More
Jeff Herrmann Former Co-Director of Research, Manning & Napier
Gaining knowledge of the TRA space and market is not an easy task, the market is so niche that you cannot just Google it and learn anything other than the most basics. Before meeting Parallaxes I was not even aware that there was a market... Read More