PAYA Holdings Inc. TRA Termination

NEW YORK CITY, July 6, 2023 / PRNewswire / — Parallaxes Capital Management (“Parallaxes”) is an alternative asset manager and, since 2017, has raised four funds dedicated to Tax Receivable Agreements (“TRAs”). As the market leader in monetizing TRAs, Parallaxes is dedicated to increasing the visibility and transparency of TRAs which remain an often overlooked and misunderstood asset class. In the vein of creating greater visibility into the TRA ecosystem, Parallaxes is pleased to highlight a notable development in the market as PAYA Holdings Inc. (“PAYA”) previously terminated its TRA.

PAYA disclosed that, in connection with its acquisition by Nuvei Corporation (“Nuvei”), it will make an aggregate cash payment of approximately $20 million to TRA holders to terminate the TRA. The PAYA TRA provided for the payment of 85% of the realized tax benefits from certain tax attributes, including savings from certain (i) increases in tax basis resulting from the exchange of subsidiary interests for PAYA’s common stock, (ii) existing tax basis of assets, (iii) imputed interest deductions, (iv) net operating losses and (v) payments under the TRA.

Parallaxes views TRAs, including the PAYA TRA, as a valuable tool to reduce certain moral hazard problems and informational asymmetry inherent in a company’s public offering. TRAs help ensure that pre-IPO owners are economically aligned with new public shareholders and incentivize pre-IPO owners to pursue an IPO structure that provides the company with ongoing tax benefits. Parallaxes anticipates enhanced awareness and understanding of TRAs will drive increased market adoption.

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